December news

News  — Mon 2 Dec 2019

We welcome Steenweg 42A and various products for interior decoration in scales 1:160 and 1:87.
In the 1:220 scale, the Wolfshoek farm is new.
Links to the new products are shown at the bottom of this page.

Steenweg 42A is a Markenburg half-relief building, modeled on a 19th century building from the city center of Zwolle. In reality, the building houses a restaurant on the grond floor and the floors above are in use for housing. The building was last extensively renovated in 2017, with the front entrance of the house also being restored.

In addition to Steenweg 42A, there is also news in the area of interiors, because although the Markenburg buildings have an internal subdivision as standard in the form of floors and interior walls, many buildings also have various windows.
For those who add light to the buildings in particular, further decorating the interiors can be attractive. Therefore from now on new in the assortment:
- Linear
pattern floor tiles “60x60”
- Linear
pattern wall tiles “15x15”
- Linear
pattern wall tiles “25x40”
- Interior doors assortment
The images on the right give an impression of what can be done with the interior components, but also how that can be experienced when looking through the windows.

More information about the products can of course be found on the product pages:
- Steenweg 42A
- Thema interieurs

New in 1:220
- Farmhouse Wolfshoek
- Lifestock barn Wolfshoek
- Standard benches
Searching by scale is easy with the filter options at the mainpage of the Markenburg webshop. Scroll down and choose the desired scale on the left. Then press "apply filter".

Steenweg 42A (Thema Steenweg)

Uitsnede 567 567 P1460421
"Stijlstudio" (Thema interieurs)

Uitsnede 567 567 P1460420
"Van buiten naar binnen bekeken" (Thema interieurs)