Concrete urinal (rectangular)



  • Dimensions can be found in the datasheet at the bottom of this page
  • Model is made from recycled high density cardboard
  • Realistic colours
  • Material is colored through and through and does not fade easily
  • Already lightly weathered
  • Parts fit up to 0.1mm accurate


More information

Background information:
We have known concrete urinals in many shapes and sizes in the Netherlands.
Urinals come from the days when people worked outdoors far more than nowadays, and didn't have access to toilets in buildings. It was mainly men who did the work outdoors at the time, which also explains why there was hardly thought of women urinals.

This type of urinal is located in Den Bosch. Formerly in many places. Today only one copy has been preserved. In the city council of Den Bosch there are now votes to proclaim this last copy as a monument, so that it is also preserved for later generations.

Architectural details:
The urinal is built of prefab concrete elements. Many urinals were equipped with flushing devices, but it is not known whether this specific type was also equipped with this. However, the structure was both ingenious and simple.

After placing the precast concrete walls, concrete bobbins were placed on the walls, the roof resting on the bobbins, allowing not only the bottom but also the top of the urinal to ventilate. Good ventilation was always necessary to keep the urinal in use for a longer period of time.

Note: In assembling this model is precision and experience is desired. This applies in particular for the scale 1:160.


Measurements at scale 1:160 (N)
c.a. 9B x 22L x 17H mm.
Measurements at scale 1:87 (H0)
c.a. 17B x 41L x 30H mm.
Measurements at scale 1:220 (Z)
c.a. 7B x 16L x 12H mm.
Number (kits) per package


Manual with tips, building description and photos