Supplementary module coupling material


  • Material is specifically tailored to the modular surfaces
  • Easily expandable and linkable elements
  • No power tools required
  • Also suitable for shadow stations and frieze lists
  • Parts fit to the nearest 1mm


€ 42.99 (incl. VAT)

More information

Background information:
The coupling material contains enough elements to fully connect the largest module (1000 x 1000 mm) on all 4 sides to adjacent modules. Of course, the coupling material can be used universally on all Markenburg modular surfaces.

- 24 short flat head Allen bolts, suitable for connecting two module edges.
- 8 long flat head Allen bolts, suitable for connecting the module edges to the position of the legs.
- 32 nuts

The coupling material in this set is specially adapted to the modular surfaces. The forces are distributed evenly through the flat but wide heads, so that the wood and the connecting materials together form the strongest connection. The tee nut is inserted once in a hole of your choice. With the bolts, connecting and disconnecting is very simple.

The necessary hand tools are a (plastic) hammer for inserting the nuts and a 4 mm Allen wrench. If you want, please consult the free downloadable manual.




Explanation with tips, descriptions and photos
Manual with tips, building description and photos