Climbing spiral supplement sets



  • Dimensions are shown at the bottom of this page
  • Required screws are included
  • Model is made from sustainably produced wood
  • Easily expandable and linkable elements
  • No power tools required
  • Parts fit to the nearest 1mm


More information

Background information:
Climbing spiral replenishment sets can be used to bridge a larger height difference with an optionally lower gradient percentage in the climbing spiral module. The climbing spiral segments each form a quarter of a round. The sets contain 1, 3 or 5 full laps, depending on the type. On each segment it is already indicated where the center lines of the tracks could come, in the scales 1:160 (N) and 1:87 (H0). The set nuts required to adjust the climbing spiral segments on the thread ends are also included in these sets.

Calculating the required number of spiral rounds is simple: Divide desired total rise height by desired rise height per round.

A shadow station is 300 mm below the surface of the upper module. The net height difference is therefore 300 mm. Desired rise height per round is, for example, 60 mm. Sum: 300mm / 60mm = 5 rounds.

Consult the free downloadable explanation and manual below for more information.


Number (kits) per packageOptionally a set of 1, 3 or 5 laps


Manual modular surfacesManual with tips, building description and photos
Explanation modular surfacesExplanation with tips, descriptions and photos