Supplement set of adjustable legs



  • Material is specifically tailored to the modular surfaces
  • Easily expandable elements
  • No power tools required
  • Ideally suited for uneven floor surfaces
  • Parts fit to 1mm accuracy


More information

Background information:
Adjustable legs are optional extensions to the modular legs. The adjustable legs compensate for inequalities in the floor, up to a maximum of 40 mm. Due to the ball joint at the bottom of the adjustable legs, even bumpy surfaces are no longer a problem for stability. The adjustable leg can be adjusted easily in height with the screw, whereby you can also choose to fully screw in the adjustable leg. Fitting the adjustable legs is easy because the modular legs are already prepared.

Adjustable legs are supplied in sets of 4 pieces. A set of adjustable legs also includes 4 tee nuts.

Consult the free downloadable explanation and manual below for more information.


Number (kits) per package


Explanation with tips, descriptions and photos
Manual with tips, building description and photos