Modular surface with 4 modular legs



  • Dimensions are shown at the bottom of this page
  • Standard with hard foam insert, up to the top edge
  • Required screws are included
  • Model is made from sustainably produced wood
  • Easily expandable and linkable elements
  • No electric tools required
  • Also suitable for shadow stations and fascias
  • Parts fit to 1mm accurate


More information

Background information:
Making tightly angled modules, in complex configurations if desired, is easy and quick to do with the Markenburg modular surfaces. The rigid foam is very easy to model, so that almost every landscape element can be made. The modules and supplement sets offer particularly wide options, suitable for spaces of all sizes. The package of modular bases with 4 legs contains a base with the dimensions that can be selected with the personalization options, including 4 modular legs.

Architectural details:
The wooden frame edges and slatted bases ensure the necessary rigidity of the modules. The parts are already prepared for the supplied screws and the optional bolts. With the pin hole connections and tooth connections, assembling the parts has become particularly easy. The rigid foam is also prepared for various options. In this way, even building a complex model layout is done in no time.


c.a. 250B x 250L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 250B x 500L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 250B x 750L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 250B x 1000L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 500B x 500L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 500B x 750L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 500B x 1000L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 750B x 750L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 750B x 1000L x 1000H mm.
c.a. 1000B x 1000L x 1000H mm.
Number (kits) per package


Explanation with tips, descriptions and photos
Manual with tips, building description and photos