Building function
Construction year

Theme: Station square

Setting: (Small) towns, cities. Dutch.
Function(s): Railway related, buildings.
Construction period: Around 1880 - 1990.

Leerdam Station

Background information: This station was built around 1880 and was up to about 1970 accompanied by a lavatory building. Early '90s, at the site of the lavatory building a new station building erected, so this station lost its original function. But it is still present. Even the …

Station Sliedrecht

Background information: This station was built around 1885. In the '80s a new, smaller station building raised next door. So the old station has lost its original function. However, it is still ever-present and now houses the other features such as a restaurant. In the more than…

Gorinchem Station (1:87)

Background information: This type of station, as far as known, was only built in the town Gorinchem, around 1960. Previously, there was another building which has been replaced for this structure that fully breathes the 60th. In the middle of the building is a waiting room/hall …

Waspik Station

Background information: This type of station was built along the Langstraat Railway in several places. Usually around 1890. This type of building was put down near the larger villages along the line as Vlijmen, Waspik and Drunen. The stationmaster lived in the building, but of c…

Station Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Background information: Already in 1885 there was a railroad station in Giessendam at the Betuwe line. In 1957 it was named Hardinxveld-Giessendam. In 1958 a new, modern station was built. This new building has functioned until 2004. Train tickets are bought since then at the ti…

Roelofarendsveen Station

Background information: This type of railway station was built in the towns of Uithoorn, Mijdrecht and Roelofarendsveen. Although built from the same sets of drawings, the buildings differ visibly. In Roelofarendsveen, people have remained most faithful to the drawings, bot…