Tenement for the signalman.



  • Dimensions can be found in the datasheet at the bottom of this page
  • Prepared for lightbulbs.
    (3 possibilities)
  • Walls are not translucent.
  • Model is made from recycled high density cardboard.
  • Realistic colours.
  • Material is colored through and through and does not fade easily.
  • Already lightly weathered.
  • Parts fit up to 0.1mm accurate.


More information

Background information:
These kind of houses were frequently found near railroad crossings. Mostly in the province of Noord-Brabant (southern Netherlands). Originally owned by the railroad company and meant for the signalman to live in. His job was to maintain his part of the railroad and keep the railroad crossing safe.
Some of these houses still exist, although the trains have disappeared. Nowadays the houses are sold to all kinds of people.

Architectural details:
This house is build in full stone for the main part, and half stone for the smaller part and chimneys. Above the windowframes are segment arches with keystones. The roof is covered with old fashioned rooftiles and finished with gutters. The outskirts of the gutters were originaly made of wood.
The real houses had a big cellar wich is not included in this model. The scale model does have three separate light compartments.


Measurements at scale 1:160 (N)
c.a. 57B x 60L x 48H mm.
Measurements at scale 1:87 (H0)
c.a. 105B x 110L x 88H mm.
Measurements at scale 1:220 (Z)
c.a. 41B x 44L x 35H mm.
Number of compartments for lighting at scale 1:160 (N)
Number of compartments for lighting at scale 1:87 (H0)
Number of compartments for lighting at scale 1:220 (Z)
Number (kits) per package


Manual with tips, building description and photos
explanation with tips, descriptions and photos