De Mede 3-11



  • Dimensions can be found in the datasheet at the bottom of this page
  • Prepared for lightbulbs.
  • Walls are not translucent.
  • Model is made from recycled high density cardboard.
  • Realistic colours.
  • Material is colored through and through and does not fade easily.
  • Already lightly weathered.
  • Parts fit up to 0.1mm accurate.


More information

Background information:
This row of 5 consists of small single-family houses dating back to the 1980s. Equipeed with skylights for the bedrooms and shower on the upper floor. The houses actually have small front gardens of sometimes no more than 2 meters. Back gardens are slightly larger with an average of 8 meters in length.

Turning parts of the windows and doors are in reality dark blue, thus also with our model. As a color option, these parts can also be ordered in dark red at Markenburg.

Architectural details:
The houses have been provided with central heating right form the start and therefore have no brick chimneys. The concrete roofing tiles are “sneldekkers”. Walls have been constructed in stretcher bond brickwork of Waal size stones. The light brown color of the stones is characteristic of the period in which the houses are built.
Due to the use of wooden parts on the side walls, the brickwork actually does not exceed 2.3 meters above ground level.


Measurements at scale 1:160 (N)
c.a. 55B x 202L x 47H mm.
Measurements at scale 1:87 (H0)
c.a. 101B x 372L x 86H mm.
Number of compartments for lighting at scale 1:160 (N)
Number of compartments for lighting at scale 1:87 (H0)
Number (kits) per package


Manual with tips, building description and photos