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Theme: Brick walls

Building boards of various brickwork, with which quay walls, partitions, and even entire buildings can be constructed according to your own wishes.


Background information: "Halfsteens Verband" is used in small masonry, like sheds, gardenwalls and sometimes laundry rooms. In the old days cheaper houses were build this way.


Background information: "Steens Verband" was used a lot for houses and bigger buildings. The connection was more resistant to wind and weather and lent itself better to build larger objects than the stretcher bond. Due to these advantages, the brick bond also linked to the more …


Background information: "Wild Verband" is frequently used in buildings after 1950 . It seems to be arbitrary but there are rules to this way of stonework. The rules are needed to keep the construction strong and safe. "Wild Verband" is the most common way of building in the mode…


Background information: " Hollands Verband " is a variation of "Steens Verband ". It was used for houses between 1920 - 1940 and also for bigger buildings like schools and monasteries.


Background information: "Vlaams Verband" is a variation to "Steens Verband". It is characterized by layers in which each head is alternated with a length, all of which lie directly above each other. It was used in houses between 1920 - 1940 and in schools and monasteries. "Vlaam…


Background information: "Noors Verband" is a variation to "Steens Verband". "Noors Verband" is mainly used in the northern parts of the Netherlands and Germany. In Norway (where the name comes from) buildings are mainly build of wood, not masonry.


Background information: "Engelsverband" is a variation to "Steensverband". This way of bricklaying is not only used in England, but also in the Netherlands, Belgium, northern part of France and Germany.


Background information: "Koppen Verband " is a variation to "Steens Verband". "Koppen Verband" is the ideal way to build curved walls, like towers. In many objects "Koppen Verband" is used together with other "Steen Verband".


Background information: "Rollagen" in the context of a brick wall layers on its side brickwork. Usually upper frames, but sometimes also to finish the top of a garden wall. Rollagen exist in various thicknesses. Most common is the thickness single brick, but where a more luxuri…