Markenburg reference page

Markenburg has specialized with Stad Markenburg in designing and developing components for architectural models and model railroad layouts, but Markenburg can do, and does more. A few examples are gathered on this page to give an impression. What the reference products have in common, is that they are always completely tailor made for the relevant customer, and we strive for the highest level of quality in combination with the best ways of communication. If you have questions after viewing this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Brochure design

Client: MCC-modelcarparts
Job Period: March to May 2012
Job Description: Creating a catchy brochure design for MCC-modelcarparts, based on a U.S. triptych with the presence of the corporate colors. Advice from Markenburg brought the wishes to a whole, after which the design has been made final.

3D printing station nameplate

Client: Mr. Krol
Job Period: July 2012
Job Description: Making a train station nameplate in detail. In reality, made of stone and featuring a typical '20s / '30s font. Elaborated in scale 1:160 and after consultation printed in 3D.

Birth announcements

Client: Family Voogd
Job Period: July to October 2012
Job Description: Creating unique birth announcements, inspired by a plaque and certainly with some 3D effects, complemented by the artistic freedom present within Markenurg. An optimal interaction between the wishes of the Voogd family, and inspiration from Markenburg has led to the finished product.

Station Gorinchem

Client: Mr. de Jong
Job Period: September to December 2012
Job Description: Creating a model of Gorinchem station in 1:87 scale. Goal was to reflect the appearance of the station in 2012 in the model. The distinctive roof of the middle part was a fine challenge.

Cinema Hoogezand-Sappermeer

Client: Mr. Tuinstra
Job Period: October 2012 to January 2013
Job Description: Creating a model of the cinema as constructed in Hoogezand-Sappermeer around 2004. The emphasis was on mimicking the components as accurately as possible, which in connection with the various floor heights, large quantities of glass, and details like railings and fire escapes, has become an interesting task. The level is at 1:160.

Small series custom packaging

Client: Mr. Bisschop
Job Period: August 2013
Job Description: The designing and manufacturing of custom packaging for carriages and locomotives (1:160). It is important here that the house style of the applicant comes to the fore, but also that the product can be supplied in very small quantities. Finding a balance in the number of types of custom packaging and apply the wishes of the client, has been leading here.

3D design plan N carriage

Client: Mr. Bisschop
Job Period: June to August 2013
Job Description: Designing a Plan N coach as it was used by the NS. Taking into account the available 3D printing techniques and the degree of detail that applies. Also the constructive aspect and connection with other, sometimes already existing components, have been essential in this design.

"Organic" shaped framed buildings

Client: Mr. Westgeest
Job Period: September 2013
Job Description: The design and manufacturing of components for a 12th century timber-framed barn in scale 1:45. Regular performance of masonry, as sufficient in smaller scales, shows in this situation too little of the "organic" shapes of the bars and even individual bricks. So here we successfully sought an entirely different approach to design and manufacturing.

Digital presentation sketches "Junobuilding"

Client: Municipality of The Hague
Job Period: September to November 2013
Job Description: Creating digital presentation sketches that are best suited to the stage of the project and also connect up to the imagination needs of the municipality. Obviously, meeting the deadline is of great importance, but equally are listening to and understanding of the local needs essential for the success of this project.

Custom platforms

Client: Dhr. Kuijken
Job Period: January 2014
Job Description: Designing and producing customized platforms (1:87) incl. Advice on, among other things, color choices. The dimensions of the client have been plotted to tile sizes and subsequently the platform segments have been developed. By applying a clickable system, the segments can be seamlessly connected to each other.

Small series windows

Client: Dhr. Dirkzwager
Job Period: september 2014 to the present
Job Description: Designing and producing customized windows for various scale vehicles. Small series-based approach with very small tolerances and a guarantee of continuity in the coming years are important aspects of this assignment. The design and production process have been modified to enable the supply of material of the client's choice.


Client: Siemens Nederland
Job Period: June 2016 tot July 2017
Job Description: Designing, developing and producing a customized tunnel segment (1:87) Starting points: Portable, fully dynamic, including functioning escape doors, fans, lighting, traffic lights, height sensors, barrier, functioning matrix boards and responsive driving traffic.

Various window frames

Client: Dhr. Gronloh
Job Period: October 2017 to the present
Job Description: Designing and producing custom-made frames (1:87) Good consultation on the delivery and delivery frequency of the "rough drawings" form a solid basis for this project. In addition, we also listened carefully to the (processing) wishes that were set for the final product. Meanwhile more than 100 different window frames have been made. Some as single copy, others in series.

Assortment buildings combined with custom pavement

Client: Dhr. Bruinsma
Job Period: January 2018
Job Description: The design and production of custom pavement. A realistic looking urban appearance (in 1:87) was the basis for the design. Smart design choices give an undisputed urban look without excessive use of space. By accurately designing and producing the pavement right down to the stone, the seams between the parts completely disappear.

Underground station

Client: Dhr. Domburg
Job Period: May to June 2018
Job Description: Designing and producing a customized underground station (1: 160). Realism without building a real station became the starting point. A modern look, such as the idea of drilled tunnel tubes, preparation for LED lighting, robust construction and dimensions concerning existing model railroad components were taken into account.