New: Vennweg 28-30

News  — Mon 2 Sep 2019

New: Venneweg 28-30

From September 2019, the semi-detached house, Venneweg 28-30, is a new addition to the Markenburg productrange.
In reality it can be found in Waalwijk. (The Netherlands) Yet similar buildings can be found throughout the Netherlands, in both cities and towns.

In the 1920s and 1930s, building styles were introduced that were strongly focused on the aesthetic / artificial side of construction. Sometimes that focus became even stronger than on the structural engineering side of building. This became "Function follows form" instead of "Form follows function". Either way, buildings were designed and built that many today still see as beautiful.

In addition to the architectural characteristics, such as strong horizontal line formation, to which the large roof overhangs also contribute, much attention was paid to details. For example, the bay windows are fitted with brick plant benches on either side. The front door porches are fitted with brick semicircular arches and the front door is similarly shaped and further embellished stained glass, both in and around the door.

Of course, those details are also reflected in the Markenburg model. Venneweg 28-30 is available in both the scale 1: 160 (N) and 1:87 (H0). More information can of course be found on the product page .

Venneweg 28-30 (Theme Venneweg)