New: Town hall

News  — Thu 1 Aug 2019

Nieuw: the town hall

The town hall is a new addition to the Markenburg product range, from August 2019.
Found in reality in the town of Beek en Donk and known there as the "old town hall", the building is a nice addition to the Markenburg Heistraat theme.

The modest ground surface and the originally double function of the building can be of interest to the model building scene. Until the 1930s, the first floor housed the entire town hall. The ground floor, accessible through the double doors under the steps, offered space to the local police station.

Since the 1980s, the entire building has been used as a residence. Due to the monumental status, the appearance of the building has changed little due to this new function. But this makes the building more versatile, without having to compromise on the level of reality.

The model is available in both the 1:160 (N) and 1:87 (H0) scales. More information can of course be found on the product page .

Town hall (Theme Heistraat)