Markenburg Summerpromo 2020

News  — Fri 1 May 2020

Markenburg Summer promo 2020!

Every year is different, but the summer of 2020 will probably be slightly different for most of us than previously thought. Yet there is also a lot that is possible. Stretching your legs or exploring the country with google maps / streetview can also lead to interesting ideas.
You can also participate in the Markenburg summer promo of 2020!

Participate and win a Markenburg voucher of € 50, - !
Participation goes as follows:

Step 1.
Go out, or if necessary go out digitally with Google streetview, and find a Markenburg building/object in 1:1 scale. (Example: An Electricity house with rooftiles "somewhere in the wild". Or the building that is the model for our Steam Laundry in the theme Wolfshoek.)

Step 2.
Take a nice stylish photo of it and send it, possibly together with some background information, to Using "Markenburg summer promo 2020" as the E-mail title.
We regularly take a selection from the submissions that we then post on our Facebook page and/or in this article on the Markenburg website. (Background information can be: explanation of where you found the building/object, what Markenburg product it resembles or what you like most about it. Sending more than one photo is also allowed.)

Step 3.
Send the photo(s) before August 31, 2020 to (We will review your submission and judge with a jury of three independent persons who has taken the most beautiful and original photo. The winner will be announced before September 7, 2020!)

Note, made on September 2, 2020: The Markenburg Summer promo has been completed. The jury has announced a winner from all submissions, namely: Mr van Dijk. You will receive a gift voucher worth €50,- and a personal message of this memorable moment.
Furthermore, we would like to thank all participants once again for all submissions.

Example foto for the Markenburg summerpromo 2020
Example photo: Heistraat 1 in 1:1 and 1:160