New in January 2020

News  — Sun 5 Jan 2020

Furniture or home furnishings will enrich our product range from this year.

We start with the furnishing of bedrooms, but after a while much more will be added.
What we will do differently than normal, is the contents of a set. We usually deliver one product per package. Take a home or other building as an example, then there is usually one home in the set.

For small products, we often add 2 or 3 copies in one set. For example with Abri's or telephone booths. Sometimes, as with standard benches or picnic tables, even 9 or 12 copies are added to a set. A good solution for the smaller products that have enriched our productrange so far. Yet for us, this method feels less practical when designing the interior of a home. Placing 12 benches in the park is quite plausible and placing 2 or 3 telephone booths in each other's proximity is also not surprising. But usually you only need one bed in a room. And that of course also applies to the linen cupboard or a dining room table.

Also for color selection options, it is not necessarily useful to add several beds in a set, for example. That would mean that all beds by definition has the same color, whereas in reality, each bed often has its own duvet color. That is why, after much thought, we will approach the contents of the furniture sets differently. Not 2, 3 or more items per set, but a set focused on an establishment per type of room. For example a "bedroom furniture set" or a "dining room furniture set". Such a set contains exactly what you expect to need from furniture, to furnish the room in question.

That also means that the color choice can be made per room. So also that each bed can have its own color duvet and that the color of the "wooden furniture" can vary per room. The first sets of furniture are already available, but it can be expected that even more will come out about this, this year and years to come.

At the same time, of course, we will continue to work on everything that we are already familiar with. In January 2020, for example, Steenweg 10 was published in scales 1:160 and 1:87.
News can also be reported in 1:220. For example, we now have the 8a boiler house and the rectangular urinals also available in Z scale.

We are happy to continue to surprise with an ever-growing productrange.

More information about the products can of course be found on the product pages:
- Steenweg 10 (Theme: Steenweg)
- Theme Interiors

New in 1:220
- 8a Boilerhouse (Thema: Gas plant)
- Concrete urinal (rectangular) (Theme: Details public space)
Searching by scale is easy with the filter options at the mainpage of the Markenburg webshop. Scroll down and choose the desired scale on the left. Then press "apply filter".

Meubilair tweepersoons slaapkamer
Furniture double bedroom (1:160 and 1:87)

Meubilair tweepersoons slaapkamer
"Style studio" (with furniture of the double bedroom)

Steenweg 10
Steenweg 10 (1:160 and 1:87)