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News  — Fri 3 Mar 2023

Assortment extensions
In 2023 we will continue to develop new products that further enrich our range. Sometimes it is about details, such as (street) furniture. Sometimes it concerns complete buildings.
Coincidentally, for the first 3 months of this year it was mainly about buildings, often residential houses.
Since we can only say with certainty what has already come out and that this has absolutely no predictive value for what is yet to come, we would like to discuss the additions of the first quarter of this year in more detail.

Venneweg 50-51-52 (original)
In August 2021 we were able to include this row of 1930s homes in our range following the example of the situation in 2019. The response was often positive and sometimes with constructive criticism. People sometimes wondered whether the row would not have been even more beautiful in a more original state. And we have taken that challenge. It was quite a search for sufficient evidence about what the row must have looked like around 1930. Construction drawings seem like the golden egg, but from experience we know that they were not always followed to the last detail. So we were mainly looking for more than 90 years old photo material. And certainly when it comes to the backs of homes, that is quite a quest. Moreover, we knew in advance that many major renovations had taken place. After all, you don't have to be a structural engineer to see that, for example, the dormer windows and various extensions are not original. As expected, several chimneys and planters have also disappeared and window frame layouts have been changed. The original row model has therefore become significantly different from the current situation.
Feel free to find the differences in our two models.
But more importantly, hopefully, even when tastes differ, we can now offer a suitable building.

Find the productpage here: Venneweg 50-51-52 (original), in theme Venneweg.

126 Steenweg
Steenweg 126 is a half-relief building with a traditional warehouse character.
It is actually located in the Hanseatic city of Kampen, Overijssel, but could just as well have fit somewhere in a historic Randstad region character.
An urban context is usually made up of a large number of buildings that are not particularly striking and perhaps a few that do attract attention, for example from an architectural point of view. The same goes for the functionality of each building. Most function fine and properly, while a few have been empty for years or cause nuisance to the environment with the functionality. Our example for Steenweg 126 has beautiful architecture, especially for a warehouse. But it does fit into the urban planning context, with buildings in the vicinity that attract much more attention. On the functional side, it is currently one of the exceptions. After all, it has been empty for years, obviously had a commercial (warehouse) function, but the current zoning plan includes that it can now also be lived in or used as a shop. Everything to get the building back into a functional context.
As a model builder you have the powers in your own hands, which may benefit the building in model.

Find the productpage here: Steenweg 126, in theme Steenweg.

Adamshoflaan 84
In a theme with only half-relief buildings at the moment, number 84 is an exception to the rule.
The building is, so to speak, perpendicular to the rest of the row, which coincidentally allows the entire depth of the building to fit within the half-relief profile. Interesting, because even more depth can then be created if this building is included in the row and a (semi-relief) tree is placed in the backyard, for example. But it is also an interesting extension of the theme in other areas. Because, like many buildings, it has no ground floor apartment, but initially only an upstairs apartment with commercial space on the ground floor. Despite the long list of differences compared to the other buildings, the architectural style and detailing are largely the same, making it a nice addition to the row.

Find the productpage here: Adamshoflaan 84, in theme Adamshoflaan.

Bokvelden 15-17
Released in December 2022, the Bokvelden 15-17 unveiling falls just outside this quarter.
However, we would like to mention it anyway, having seen in that same month a much acclaimed video by Luke Towan managed to capture almost all the attention.
Bokvelden 15-17 makes it possible in Markenburg models to completely recreate the actual row of modern semi-detached houses with a staggered front facades building line. And then the adjacent modern office buildings are also included in the same theme. We will never be able to realize all Dutch and Belgian buildings in model form, but in this neighborhood in Best (North Brabant) we are already well on our way.

Find the productpage here: Bokvelden 15-17, in theme Bokvelden.

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Venneweg 50-51-52
Venneweg 50-51-52 (original)

steenweg 126
Steenweg 126

Adamshoflaan 84
Adamshoflaan 84

Bokvelden 15-17
Bokvelden 15-17