News September 2020

News  — Thu 3 Sep 2020

Funny little buildings.
The chip shop, chip shop or sometimes also called the chip shop. We know many thousands of copies in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Anyone who thought this is a typical 1960s invention is mistaken. Certainly among the Belgians, examples have been documented from around 1850. In fact, the golden-yellow baking of potatoes, as a tasty snack, is about as old as traveling by train. It is true, however, that in the 1960s the chip shop concept spread widely in western European countries.
And there are more parallels between the snack bar and traveling by train. For example, the station environment is generally ideally oriented towards pedestrians and other slow traffic. A perfect place to thrive as a chip shop, especially when we know that most train travelers can only get hot food in the same station area.

The example.
A chip shop from Nieuwkuijk in Brabant served as the model for the development of the Markenburg copy. Our example in Nieuwkuijk also has links with the railway industry, although that relationship is slightly different than might be expected. Just before 1900 a railway line was built right in front of the current chip shop, “De langstraat railway line” with a watchman's house 34 near the current chip shop. In 1907 the watchman's house was given a platform, which was used to upgrade it to a staging post. However, things got worse with the start of the sixties. There are still pictures of train traffic around 1970, but it did not take much longer. The chip shop was built in 1985, when large parts of the immediate area had already changed drastically. Some things will not change, because the location is still an important entrance for Nieuwkuijk and the location is still easily accessible for pedestrians.

Other news.
Markenburg has also added new segments to the Passerelle theme this month. This means that more combination options are available to everyone, which makes the passerelle more and more widely applicable. It can be expected that new segments will also be added to this theme in the coming months. The additions of today are easy to find below.

Find the theme here: Oranjelaan

Find the theme here: Passerelle

More information about the products can of course be found on the product pages:
- Theme: Oranjelaan> Frituur
- Theme: Passerelle> Footbridge span 3
- Theme: Passerelle> Footbridge span 5
- Theme: Passerelle> Coupling segment wide 4
- Theme: Passerelle> Headboard 3

Searching on a specific scale is easy with the filter options on the main page of the Markenburg webshop . Scroll down and enter to the left below the desired scale. Then press "apply filter".

Snackbar (1:160 en 1:87)

Wide coupling segment met headboard with stairs/escalators connecting options
Wide coupling segment met headboard with stairs/escalators connecting options, are available from now on (1:160 en 1:87)