News December 2020

News  — Fri 4 Dec 2020

More interiors.
In addition to the bedroom interiors, we now also have interiors for living rooms, dining rooms and study / work rooms. With these 5 new sets in total, the diversity in the range has increased considerably! And of course there are also color variations to choose from on the 5 new sets.
An everyday scene in the living room of that house at the front of the layout is now created in the blink of an eye. Beautiful timeless side tables flanked by a three-seater sofa and armchairs, not to mention the fireplace. After all, it is nearly time for Santa-Claus. Or a spacious wall closet with a dining room table with 6 chairs and a cozy Christmas scene, as is still allowed in 2020 being modeled. And otherwise there is certainly a nice study room with wall closet, including glass doors, where the model railroad residents can lean back in the designer chair to read a book. In short; We are getting more and more ingredients that can lead to great recipes, with a dash of creativity from the modeler.

The Markenburg modular platforms already had segments with elevators that can lead to underground spaces and tunnels. But now that the Passerelle is also a fact, elevators between the platforms and the passerelle are an important link that we did not have until recently.
That is resolved. With an elevator that reaches the passerelle from the platform and an elevator that can reach the passerelle from street level, a solution is also within reach for the less mobile model railroad residents. The elevators can be connected to the footbridge at exactly the same places as the stairs and escalators. So at a location with two escalators, an escalator and an elevator can now also be placed next to each other. With these elevators, as well as the coupling segments that we introduced in November, the theme now includes 24 elements that cover a huge variety of pedestrian bridges.

Other nieuws.
In addition to working on developing new products for January 2021, we are currently also busy making new informative articles for the “Markenburg library”. Although this message will find a place in the news section, the sections “building with Markenburg” and “showcases” will also be expanded. That means more information from modellers for modellers. With the aim of inspiring, motivating and helping each other so that not everyone has to invent the wheel for themselves. So feel free to look at the bottom of the Markenburg frontpage and click on the gray sentence View all articles ... to consult all articles.

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More information about the products can of course be found on the product pages:
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- Theme: Interiors> Furniture study / home office

Searching on a specific scale is easy with the filter options on the main page of the Markenburg webshop . Scroll down and enter to the left below the desired scale. Then press "apply filter".

Passerelle With elevator
Passerelle with lift (1:160) Available in 1:160 en 1:87

Living room furniture
Furniture study / home office (1:87) Available in 1:160 en 1:87

Mainly creative
lovely! ... All that room for creative solutions