Markenburg; now also in 1:220 (Z)

News  — Mon 1 Jan 2018

In addition to the 1: 160 (N) and 1:87 (H0) scales, Markenburg also has 1: 220 (Z) in the product range. On our "old" website you found the 1: 220 (Z) scale products with links on the frontpage of the site. But we have done that better with this new Markenburg website. At the bottom of the product page you will find a product filter. There it is easy to choose a certain scale and then it is easily visible which products are now also available in, for example, 1: 220 (Z).

Furthermore, it pays to visit the Markenburg website frequently. After all, we often develop new products, and with that also the 1: 220 (Z) scale product range grows step by step. If the wishes and our range do not yet match, it is also possible for 1: 220 (Z) enthusiasts to email us with questions about customization possibilities.

Steam laundry (theme Wolfshoek) in 1:87, 1:160 and 1:220