Hooray! Our signal box is back

News  — Wed 12 Dec 2018

Hooray, the signal box is back!

Our signal box is back. At Markenburg, we set high standards for the quality of our products, making it difficult for another company to make 3D printed staircases and chimneys when our 3D printer went out of circulation for a longer period of time. But now that we have found a small series of stairs sufficient, we can deliver our beloved signal box to you again.

In addition, we think this is worth a small party. That is why we are proud to introduce our "signal box 2.0" to you. Our "signal box 2.0" has plastered interior walls, paneling, a wooden interior floor, a nice piece of sidewalk in front of the door, distinctive blue markings for the end façades and finally our "signal box 2.0" including a signal box design is supplied, as we have it also offer separately.
Do you also want a signal box? Then quickly go to the product.

Markenburg Signalbox Klokkenlaan
Signal box (Theme Klokkenlaan)