New: Zaankade 24

News  — Tue 4 Jun 2019

New: Zaankade 24

From June 2019, Zaankade 24 is a new addition to the Markenburg product range. This store with home, which is actually in Edam, is a welcome addition to the Markenburg theme Zaankkade. The building has blind side walls because in reality it is included in a row of various homes and shops.

Because the gutter construction is located almost perfectly straight above the facades, the building can also be easily integrated into a row of model buildings. Because the building has a façade with a large amount of glass, we have opted to provide the retail space with standard ceilings, interior wall coverings and a floor in tile motif.

The model is available in both the 1: 160 (N) and 1:87 (H0) scales. More information can of course be found on the productpage.

Zaankade 24 (Theme Zaankade)