Markenburg designs, develops and produces components for architectural models and model railroad layouts. Realism and detail are the core values that we bring in every design. The ideas for our products are usually delivered from persons in our team, but we're stand ready for ideas and questions from you. Like it is always possible to initiate a conversation about anything you would like to make. For example, about the possibilities when you would like to have your own house in any desired scale and with the Markenburg quality.

Do you prefer personal contact, or do you want to see/feel products of Markenburg youself? Then you can find us at various fairs and meetings through the year.

The Markenburg website with online shop is our beating heart. Here you can easily browse through our catalogue, but you can also get things just quickly. In our shop you will find products made with care, partly built with the latest techniques and partly made by hand, but completely made for you. Because our products are not made for lying on shelves, but being made especially for you. That is the quality of Markenburg.


The team of Markenburg consists of dedicated professionals from different disciplines, all supporting the team. With this approach we not only ensure the best possible quality of our products, but we are also trying to ensure best ways of communication with you. Because we have an eye for detail, both in our products as in the service. We always like to help you, and already wish you much fun with the Markenburg products.


Good and clear information is of great importance. The team of Markenburg commit itself daily giving the best possible information and the expression of which. So we like to inform you by our website and via email info@markenburg.nl, for speed and convenience. We also like to inform you on fairs and meetings so that we can simply answer questions and give explanations.

As an extra service will inform you as much as possible in Dutch, German and English.


Although the concepts of making quality products and taking care for the environment sound like making a choice, the team of Markenburg fully goes for both. An example: Markenburg strives to manufacture, purchase and develop everything within the Dutch borders. All our products are designed, developed and produced in the Netherlands, even the packaging is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. And if that is not enough, even our production facilities such as the laser cutter, is developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. With this approach we can ensure the quality, but we also limit transport distances which will put a smaller burden on the environment. We also let quality and the environment come together in our products, promotional materials and even the utensils within our facilities. We can say that we are always looking for materials that can be recycled, or already are. Even our builing is as environmentally friendly as possible, including through a vegetation roof and solar panel installation. A final example: Our model studies are made in the Netherlands with biodegradable materials so that we can bring the waste and pollution to an absolute minimum, and still be able to have a good understanding about the quality of our new product prior to final production. Markenburg chooses the quality and the environment! You too?


Company Name Markenburg
CEO ing. M. van ’t Hoff
Telephone +31 6 3904 2620
Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven, 54921279
VAT-id NL001731745B37
Bank/IBAN number NL22INGB0664650317
Location Boxtel, The Netherlands